Basic services:

Vaccinations: All types of vaccinations for prevention of diseases and illnesses, for both your dog and cat.

De-worming: fleas and ticks, all the necessary products and advice you need for keeping your pet healthy and free of these nasty bugs.

Consultations: First visit and health overview of your pet, if more intervention is required we may perform further tests (blood, x-rays or scans, etc) or if needed a specialist consultation.

Hospitalization:For pets that are not critical but need special care we may keep them in for 24 hours.

In case of pets needing intensive care we transfer them to a vet hospital were they will be monitored and cared for throughout the night.

Other services:

Analysis using an outside laboratory: leishmania, allergies, hormonal tests, biopsies etc.

Analysis in our own laboratory:

Fast detection of infectious illnesses (parvo, leishmania and many more diseases),

General blood analysis.

Diagnosing hormonal disorders (Cushings syndrome, Thyroid imbalances , Addissons disease, etc).

Acid bile analysis (function of the liver etc).


We have one of the most advance ultrasound scans available on the market (Mindray DC -70) with this we are able to have a detailed picture of both the abdomen and heart etc, this enables us to diagnose much quicker and compliments the other tests , building a clearer picture of the problem your pet may have.

X-Ray: simple and contrast

Endoscopy: with the collaboration of SEV Costa del Sol.


Minors-abscesses, wounds etc.

Castrations: female and male, cesareans, thickening of the uterus, formation of stones (Bladder / Kidney).

Digestive surgery: stomach surgery, intestine, twisting of stomach / bowel , intestinal obstruction.

Respiratory surgery: corrective surgery for certain breeds.

Tumours: breast and skin, etc.


Cleaning and extraction of teeth

Eye surgery: corrective surgery , ulcers (cornea), etc.

Please feel free to ask us about any surgery your pet may require, we can discuss the options and what is needed to help your pet in the best way possible.

Veterinary products

We will always use the best products available for your pet , from vitamins to food, medicine to worming and flea treatments , we work with the best brands and constantly research new and better products, we are always happy to discuss the options with you and advise on each product available.