Health plans

What is a health plan?

What advantages do I have when I hire a Health Plan for my pet?

  • You divide the usual maintenance expense payments of their health and you have discounts in all veterinary services and necessary products.
  • My vet is the one in charge of their health by contacting me for regular check ups, vaccinations, to remove parasites, blood test, etc. In case I forget.
  • Thanks to this basic maintenance, whatever illness will be detected sooner and this is always positive for the treatment and evolution of it.
  • For a competitive price, you will have a better control on their health.

What is NOT in the health plan?

It is a health plan and not an illness plan. What it includes is the basic maintenance of their health with three free consultations a month.

It isn’t a medical insurance.

Meaning, if your pet gets ill and we have to do tests, these are not included in the health plan. Now, having a health plan you have discounts.


  • It includes free consultations, vaccinations, removing internal parasites, leishmaniosis test for dogs, blood test, etc. (*)
  • With the health plan you always save money. Its purpose is to maintain their heath; however you also save if there is an illness.


(*) depending on the kind of pet and age, the contract includes more or less services.

Choose a suitable health plan for your pet