Allergy Treatment – Endocrinology

In Allergy Treatment we do a diagnosis of atopy, intolerance and food allergy (blood test, exclusion diets, etc.), just like treatments related to problems like chronic otitis, dermatitis, etc.

We also offer in this field advanced therapies with the best medicines in the market, both Apoquel® as Cytopoint® or Cell Therapy (StemCell).

For Endocrinology we have our own laboratory for hormones that most frequently cause pathology in our pets. As much in Addison, Cushing, as in thyroid and diabetes, we can do all the tests at the clinic and obtain the results in just a moment, which helps with an early medical care. We have protocols that adapt to each special case, changing the medication dose and controlling the evolution very closely, depending on the necessity of the patient.

For less frequent endocrine problems we have external laboratories of high quality and high reliability.