We want to emphasize the importance of prevention as the best guarantee of long-term health and better quality of life

Surgery, Orthopaedic, Endoscopy, Castration

In our facilities we carry out both our own surgeries as external ones, given that in the case of orthopaedics


In our facilities we have a laboratory equipped with the most advanced technology. All are machinery from Idexx Laboratories, where

Oncology – Stem cells – Transfusions

For Oncology we count on the invaluable support of the specialist Victor Domingo Roa, DVM, MSc, PhD, Accredited AVEPA (Oncology).

Allergy Treatment – Endocrinology

In Allergy Treatment we do a diagnosis of atopy, intolerance and food allergy (blood test, exclusion diets, etc.), just like

Ultrasound scan – Cardiology

Having one of the most advanced equipment in the market (Mindray DC-70) we can do ultrasound scans in our own

Consultations – Vaccines – De-worming

We have general consultations and special one of endocrinology, allergy, oncology and cardiology. In order to serve you better, we recommend

Diagnosis: X-ray – Ultrasound scan – Laboratory

Our philosophy is to reach as soon as possible an improvement through a specific treatment, therefore we try to insure


Baths, haircuts, trimming nails, etc. both for dogs and cats.