Consultations – Vaccines – De-worming

We have general consultations and special one of endocrinology, allergy, oncology and cardiology. In order to serve you better, we recommend that you book an appointment.

Vaccinations: both for dogs and cats, the compulsory vaccinations are the rabies one and the polyvalent vaccines from the area.

We recommend our clients to prevent with vaccines against kennel cough and leishmaniasis because we are in an area of high risks. For cats we recommend to test for the most frequent six feline viruses before the primary vaccination, given that there is a high prevalence of calicivirus, herpes virus, feline leukemia, etc.

At the same time, we will do all the necessary procedures, as much as with the identification chip of the animals, as for the trip for the pets to different countries.

De-worming: as much as with internal ones as external ones, with a full range of products (collar, pipette, pills, etc.), we recommend each client the most suitable option and always with trusted brands.