Oncology – Stem cells – Transfusions

For Oncology we count on the invaluable support of the specialist Victor Domingo Roa, DVM, MSc, PhD, Accredited AVEPA (Oncology). Veterinary Graduate by Córdoba University in 2002. In 2003 Victor worked in the Department of Internal Medicine and in the Department of Diagnosis by Image of Queen´s Veterinary School Hospital (Cambridge University).

In this very sensitive field, we give the best recommendations for curative and palliative treatments for our patients.  If when we suffer this severe illness we put ourselves in the hands of the specialist to obtain the best information and then decide what is the best option, why wouldn’t we do it for our pets?

We have a comprehensive approach for the problem, given that we have the facilities, equipment and necessary medicine for your diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

The Stem Cell Treatment or Cell Therapy can be applied in diverse veterinary fields, given that there is major scientific advance in the application of this therapy for animals. Together with the specialist Antonio Villatoro from the Instituto de Inmunologia Cientifica y TerapiaCelular (Immunestem) we apply these therapies for orthopaedic and traumatological problems (dysplasia, arthrosis, etc.), for autoimmune problems (lupus, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, etc.), for feline stomatitis by calicivirus, atopy, etc.

We do blood transfusions from dog donors, who collaborate with the clinic, and blood products from blood banks. We also do serotyping in necessary cases to guarantee the success of the transfusion.